The Happy Health Project #3

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Margaret Thatcher famously survived on four hours of sleep a night and ran a country. Me? I can barely run my house on six or seven hours sleep, let alone run a Commonwealth.

I never get enough sleep. Long hours at work, early mornings with my tot and just bad sleeping habits have left me chronically exhausted, not to mention with permanent dark circles under my eyes.

Poor quality sleep really does take a toil on your physical and mental health and if I’m not catching every passing cold, I’m drifting off the second I sit still. So as part of The Happy Health Project series, I’ve begun dedicating some of my time to trying to improve my sleep (and to getting some!).

Something I’ve been reading a lot about lately is the benefits of amino acids, namely nature’s ‘chill pill’ L-Theanine. Credited with improving mental stress and promoting sleep, L-Theanine can be taken separately or as part of a combined supplement.

In addition to taking some regular exercise and setting a regular – albeit late – bedtime, I’ve started taking the natural sleep supplement Melissa Dream an hour before bed. Melissa Dream is a blend of sleep-promoting lemon balm, chamomile, magnesium, vitamin B and L-Theanine.

And the result? I’m happy to report I’ve had a better night’s sleep after I’ve taken the supplement and wake up feeling refreshed as opposed to my usual groggy state. My beardy handsome husband* has also joined me in taking the supplement and he too has reported having a far better night’s sleep on it.

I’m so pleased with this supplement I intend to continue taking it despite its hefty €15 a box price tag. Sometimes a good night’s sleep is worth it!

*Disclaimer: Hubby’s description of himself!

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