The Happy Health Project #4

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In my ongoing battle/love affair with caffeine, I’ve been trying to replace my beloved cup of Java with herbal teas. Not any old herbal teas, I might add, but teas that promise to detox and beautify the skin (I’ll try anything!).

Herbal teas are packed with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals and having a cuppa is such an easy change to make to your daily routine.

Victoria Beckham loves a herbal brew and has tweeted her devotion to Parisian brand Hediard‘s Rose Bud blend. The pop-star-turned-designer looks pretty amazing these days, so keen to emulate her skincare regime I’ve been downing cups of Pukka herbal blends.

I adore organic Pukka brews. Packaged in funky boxes, the Fair Trade brand has something for everyone’s tastes. My current favourite is the Detox tea – a blend of cleansing fennel, aniseed, cardamom and licorice root. Aniseed, fennel and licorice soothe the stomach while cardamom aids digestion.

I’m not too sure how ‘detoxing’ the teas are but they’ve got to be better for you than regular tea or coffee. Plus all that extra water you’ll be guzzling each day is great for your complexion and I love the idea that a quick cuppa has wrinkle-fighting antioxidant powers. Bottoms up!

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