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Halloween around our parts is a far cry from the Halloween we grew up with. No more black bin liners as costumes and dodgy goody bags of monkey nuts and bruised apples. These days kids are rocking expensive shop-bought costumes, expertly applied gruesome make-up and would look at you crooked if you produced a piece of fruit instead of candy for Trick Or Treat.

Having said that, we do love Halloween here at TBI towers and have really been enjoying the themed posts out there in the blogosphere. Here are our top four Halloween blog posts:

1. Nouvelle Daily
We love the girls at Nouvelle Daily for their no-nonsense and practical posts. If you’re still looking for some dress-up ideas for tonight, then check out their freaky make-up series with the super-talented make-up artist Jamie Genevieve. Spooky awesomeness!

2. A Beautiful Mess
If you’re feeling crafty, there’s always something cute to make on A Beautiful Mess. The sisters behind the site, Elsie and Emma, have loads of brilliant ideas for Halloween – we particularly love their 13 Fun Ideas at  Halloween.

3. Thyme and Temp
The couple, Jeff and Jane, behind Thyme and Temp never fail to impress us with their delicious-looking recipes and mouth-watering photography. We were salivating at their latest recipe for pork pie – perfect for the chillier evenings ahead.

4. The Beauty Department
The gorgeous girls, Amy and Kristin, behind The Beauty Department always impress with their step-by-step guides. We love this hair tutorial on creating the perfect loose wave, and the dress-up ideas are adorable.

Happy Halloween everyone!

Pictures courtesy of Novelle Daily/A Beautiful Mess/Thyme and Temp/The Beauty Department

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