Three Things: Night skincare

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Getting ready for bed is definitely the best part of my day. Since having a child and returning to work, I spend most of my frazzled day dreaming of bed! My night-time skincare routine is a pared-back affair as I’m usually so exhausted. While I’m all about the science during my morning routine, at night I prefer to apply natural products. Here are my top three night-time picks:

Orange & Grapefruit Exfoliant
Having taken a break from my Clarisonic for the moment, I’m using a gentle face scrub instead from natural Irish skincare, Bia Beauty. The Orange & Grapefruit Facial Exfoliant is lush and I’ve spoken about it here before. This is my second tub of the stuff and when I repurchase something, it’s definitely love.

Blended with shea butter, orange blossom and grapefruit, the cleanser has tiny jojoba grains that act as a gentle scrub. I’m a big believer in exfoliation once you are over 30. Guru to the stars (and by osmosis, me) Dr Harold Lancer claims daily exfoliation helps cell turnover and keeps skin youthful and plump. I’ve been using this after a cream cleanser for the best part of a year now and I love how my skin looks and feels after it.

Omorovicza Queen of Hungary Mist
This is one of my favourite finds of last year – I’m seriously addicted to the stuff. A blend of neroli and rose, I use the mist to purify and hydrate in place of a regular toner. I pick up my stash in Space NK in Dublin’s Grafton Street but a word of warning – at €55 a pop, this stuff ain’t cheap. But then addictions never are.

Trilogy Organic Rosehip Oil
This is the latest addition to my night-time routine. I’m a big fan of facial oils and have had an ongoing affair with offerings from both Decleor and L’Oreal. Recently, I decided to give New Zealand brand Trilogy a whirl after reading glowing reviews of its original rosehip oil.

Marketed as a natural alternative to synthetic skincare ingredients, independent clinicial studies revealed Trilogy’s rosehip oil helped reduce fine lines and wrinkles by 23%. First impressions are good – the oil sinks into skin beautifully and my skin is plump and glowing come morning. My only gripe is it doesn’t smell of anything in particular – it reminds me of olive oil. It’s still early days but so far I’m loving this little bottle of Antipodean goodness.

Have you tried any of these products? Do share!

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