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Like most women, I fake it – great skin that is. Although I’m a firm believer in decent skincare and spend far more on that, I also love a good foundation. As every woman will tell you, it’s the quickest way to a great skin day.

During college, I suffered with adult acne and as a result was completely obsessed with finding foundations to cover my blemishes. I caked it on. You would have spotted my orange face from space. And for years, it’s all I wore – no bronzer, no blush, no eyeshadow. My face was one-dimensional but my spots were covered and that’s all I cared about.

Although I still love to experiment with foundation, these days with clearer skin my priorities have changed and I look for products that deliver.

So let’s talk base, which today is brought to you by Catrice. This little beauty was among a few bits and bobs sent to me recently. I’d never tried a mousse foundation (which were all the rage a decade ago) so was interested to try this one.

After initially priming my skin with my beloved Charlotte Tilbury’s Wonder Glow Flash Primer (read my review here), I first dotted a little of the Catrice All Round Cover Stick in Nude under my eyes and around my nose to combat redness. It’s a handy crayon-style stick which gives medium coverage. I personally found it a little hard to blend under my eyes and would use it instead to cover blemishes and spots. It didn’t budge, however, so in that sense it did the job.

The foundation itself looked dark in the jar and as a very pale girl, I was mildly concerned. Using a foundation brush and the back of my hand as a palette, I actually found it went on pale with light coverage. It was easy to blend and could, in theory, be worked to a medium coverage matte finish. I personally like a lot of coverage (old habits die hard) and found this very light. It is, however, part of Catrice’s new Spring/Summer line and I do think this type of foundation would be great for summer months when you want to let your real skin shine through. Finally, I set my base with translucent powder and a little blush for an au naturel daytime look.  Both concealer and foundation are available in store now.

Have you a favourite base?

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