The budget mascara

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Mascaras are a bit like men. Sure you’ve had a few over the years. Sometimes you’ve had more than one on the go at the same time. But can you ever find your favourite when you need it most? Exactly! I seem to lose mascaras at an extraordinary rate these days. By the time I rediscover them (usually at the bottom of my little girl’s toy box), they’re usually past their best.

And so while on the hunt for my beloved Clinique last summer, I picked up a tube of Wet n Wild’s Megalength (€4.49) to tide me over. And you know what? I think it’s great and I’m on my second tube of the stuff.

I admit I had zero expectations for this but it:

a.) doesn’t clump
2.) lengthens lashes
iii.) costs next to nothing
er, d.) is in a purple tube

Granted it’s no Clinique but for less than a fiver, it’s a great every day product. High five Wet n Wild! (Mimes high five… and still misses. Doh!).

Have you tried any of the Wet n Wild mascaras?

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