What’s in my handbag #2

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What’s in my handbag? Eh, too much. In a bid to lighten the load, I’ve switched to cross-body bags for the summer – this is my beloved Oasis tan satchel. Here’s what I’ve been hauling around town:

1. Not one but two Laura Mercier compacts (back up your work girls!). I carry a trio of neutral shadows for ‘eyeshadow emergencies’ and the Smooth Finish Foundation Powder. I’ve hit pan on this one so it’s definitely love.
2. Smashbox BB Cream Eyes concealer. I really like this brush concealer which is handy in a dark circle-related crisis. I’ve been known to slap this over existing make-up and it looks pretty good.
3. Lotil lip balm with SPF 30. A no-nonsense balm that smells like vanilla. Nom.
4. Bachs Flower Rescue Remedy spray. To calm my nerves before work meetings.
5. Zara Rose perfume. It’s cheap as chips (€6.95) so it’s not the end of the world if you smash it off the work bathroom floor like ChanelGate circa 2010.
6. My new Carolina Herrera aviators. For my inner Z-lister.
7. My beloved Kindle complete with super cute Etsy cover.
8. Sleek blush in Pixie and lip gloss in Angel Falls – strictly for those with a penchant for syrupy lips.

So ladies, what are you handbag essentials?

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