The ultimate sun protection

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It’s officially summer in Dublin so of course it’s windy and rainy. In a state of denial, I’ve been pretending I’m on the Costa this week and slathering myself in various sunscreens all in the name of research for the blog.

I usually a fan of the Decleor Aroma Sun range and although I adore the scent and the anti-ageing benefits, the sunscreens themselves are still very thick, white creams that don’t sit well under make-up.

So recently I’ve been on the lookout for a new pimped-up SPF (now that I’ve gone anti-ageing crazy). And I think I may have found it. Let me introduce you to Neostrata Sheer Physical Protection SPF 50.

A lightweight, translucent fluid, the Neostrata sunscreen offers broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection in a mattifying fluid, so is perfect for my oily skin. The cream is also formulated with anti-oxidants (such as green tea and Vitamin E) to help preserve skin’s natural collagen. Score!

I personally loved this sunscreen. I initially feared it would dry white on the skin as it’s such a high factor but it disappeared completely upon application. Although I haven’t had the chance to test it abroad, I’ve had no breakouts or issues with this cream and its sits beautifully under my make-up. At €29.95, it’s at the higher end of the sunscreen market but I think it’s a fair price to pay for wrinkle-proofing my face!

Have you a favourite sunscreen?

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