Five Minutes With: Irish model Rozanna Purcell

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Model-turned-nutrition-guru Rozanna Purcell makes eating well look pretty damn good. One of Ireland’s top models, the 25-year-old is set to release her own cookbook of wholesome, nutritious recipes this autumn based on her food blog Here Tipperary-born Roz tells The Beauty Inbox how she manages to combine eating well and looking good.

How do you stay in shape?
I really enjoy working out which helps me stay in shape. I incorporate various different workouts into my weekly routine from boxing, running, swimming and weight training. I feel exercise is a form of therapy and the release of endorphins makes you feel great. I am 80:20 with my diet in that I eat whole foods the majority of the time. I never really eat anything that is processed which definitely helps!

Describe a typical day’s diet.
For breakfast I usually have either hard boiled eggs, omelette, and protein pancakes. I wouldn’t be able to leave the house without a protein-packed breakfast to get me ready for the day ahead. During the day I would have meat or fish with vegetables or salad for lunch and dinner. I am always snacking on homemade granola bars and medjool dates to satisfy my sweet cravings.

What’s your guilty food pleasure?
My guilty food pleasure would have to be Belgian waffles in Mooch Frozen Yoghurt with melted Kinder Bueno!

Where do you get your inspiration for your recipes?
I love travelling and discovering different methods of cooking and experiencing different cultures and specialities. I feel this inspires me to try new recipes and get creative with my meals – my cookbook will hit shelves at the end of the year. I am a big foodie so love trying out new places to eat. At the end of the week I also try and make a meal with what food I have left over from the week – it always challenges me to make new dishes. My favourite meal to cook would be my lamb tangine (which I cooked on The Restaurant). It’s a delicious dish and a speciality of mine.

What are your favourite health care products?
My favourite health care product would be Image Daily SPF. It does my skin wonders. For supplements I take Revive Active Sachets for my joints and apple cider vinegar. My tips for clear skin is to always wash your face in the morning and at night to clear any make-up/dirt from your face. And drink plenty of water to keep your skin hydrated. I always use a cleanser and toner in the morning and night time for my skin to ensure it is clean. I love Elizabeth Eight Hour Cream to help my skin get plenty of moisture.

What would be your favourite make-up products?
Image Daily SPF, Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream and lip balm! If I was invited to an event at the last minute, I would probably slick my hair back. I love Charlotte Tilbury make up and would have to opt for a strong lip colour. For my tan I would use Rimmel Instant Tan, if it was last minute, to have me glowing.

Who is your style icon?
I love the effortlessly chic style – Olivia Palmero is my style icon, she always looks amazing. She never looks as if she spent ages getting ready but still looks beautiful and stylish – it is never over the top!

What’s your worst beauty faux pas?
Fake tan – I have had my moments in the past of mishaps with fake tan. It took some time for me to learn how to apply tan correctly and how to ensure it comes off gradually and not patchy!

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