Three Things: Autumn facemasks

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As much as I love this time of year, my skin immediately acts up at the mere mention of the colder weather. So whenever I get a chance, I love to treat myself to a facemask with the obligatory glass of vino and a Netflix binge.

I’ve countless jars and tubes of facemasks knocking around my bathroom cabinet – my all-time favourite pore clearing mask is Mario Badescu Silver Powder. But today I thought I’d show you three very different masks that I’ve been trying out lately.

Environ Intensive Revival Masque
I’ll start with my current favourite mask, Environ’s Intensive Revival Masque. Dubbed the ‘face lift in a bottle’, this is the real deal. Developed by plastic surgeon to the stars, Dr Des Fernandes, the mask combines asiatic, mandelic and lactic acid for an intensive home treatment. The mask’s formulation of acids lower the pH of skin to help promote growth and hydration.

Recommended as an autumn/winter treatment as it’s so intensive, the mask can be used year-round but must be followed by a broad spectrum sun screen – I typically use an SPF 50.

If you have sensitive skin or skin issues, I’d recommend a consultation with an Environ practitioner before diving straight in here. I’ve been using the mask weekly for two to three months now following a consultation at my favourite beauty salon, Glam Beauty in Swords, Co Dublin. I’ll have a more in-depth Environ round-up in a couple of weeks but let’s just say it involved scary face scans and a telling off over my former sun-tanning ways!

The mask comes in a 50ml jar with a spatula for hygienic application. It’s rich, creamy, smells very strongly of acid and tingles upon application. The tingling does subside after a few minutes (I usually spend those first few minutes panicking!). I leave mine on for the usual 20 minutes before rinsing and applying Environ’s AVST Stage 1 moisturiser. A light layer of the mask can also be worn overnight but I’m yet to try this out.

Overall, the mask leaves my skin insanely smooth and glowing. If you’re looking for some serious anti-ageing action, this mask is definitely worth checking out.

Yon-Ka Gommage 305
I’m a big fan of French skincare specialists Yon-Ka and its pampering, luxe products. The Gommage 305 clarifying mask is a lovely non-abrasive, botanical scrub that gives skin a little radiant boost.

Formulated with carob (brown algae derivative), white nettle, essential oils of lime and bornéol and plant glycerine, the mask is a light, clear gel. One word of warning though, it smells seriously funky and seaweedy (I’m guessing that’s the brown algae). But if you can get over that, the mask does leave skin soft and smooth and is even gentle enough to be used around the delicate eye area. A really nice addition to my beauty arsenal.

Image Skincare The Max Stem Cell Masque
I’ve been meaning to review this mask for months now after being introduced to Image Skincare at the start of the year. The cosmeceutical US skincare company uses the highest percentages of active ingredients allowable by the FDA so its products do deliver real, tangible results. (If you’re new to the brand, read my review of Image’s Brightening Eye Cream – my favourite ever eye cream.)

The Max facemask is part of Image’s anti-ageing product range. Formulated with plant-derived stem cells, botanicals and peptides, the mask promises to repair damaged skin cells and restore radiance. The mask itself is rich, creamy and smells heavenly, as do all of Image’s products. This a real treat and while I can’t attest to the cell repair claims, it does leave my skin soft and moisturised. A lovely autumn skincare staple.

What are your favourite autumn skincare treats?

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