My award heels

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There’s not much call for strappy silver heels in my life. But I treated myself to a pair this week after myself and Mr TBI were announced as finalists in this year’s Accenture Digital Media Awards in February. We’re so chuffed, especially Mr TBI who has poured his heart and soul into coding and designing the website himself.

As we are now reaching Peak Award and will probably never be short-listed for anything, ever again, I’ve taken the night off work (*gasps*) and we plan on going. It’s a black-tie event and with this in mind, I’ve been quietly panicking over what to wear.

Although I’m yet to find a dress, I did pick up these heels for a bargain €45 in Cari’s Closet in Malahide, Dublin. I figure they will go with anything. And if all else fails, I’m sure I can wear them to my next parent-teacher meeting, right?!

Finally, I wanted to share something valuable I learned about blogging this past year and that is to blog like no-one is watching. You won’t be everyone’s cup of tea and people will always judge you, but someone, somewhere will love what you do. Even if that someone is just your mammy.

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