Backstage at LFW: A Newbie’s Guide To Fashion Week

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Take one fashion newbie, two avant-garde designers and a room full of glamorous models and what have you got? Becca’s first London Fashion Week, daaahling!

Yours truly here joined CND and the London fash pack for the Vin & Omi show in Regent’s Park earlier this week. Before the show, myself and fashion journalist Holly White got exclusive backstage access and watched the elite CND nail artists work their magic on the Vin & Omi models. The designers had collaborated with CND on the entire catwalk collection, bringing the vibrant Vinylux nail polish range to life.

For this ordinary girl from Da Northside, being backstage and watching all these artists at work was a dream come true.

I barely slept a wink the night before worrying about all the things that could go wrong. What if I tripped and knocked over a few skinny models with my fat bum, injuring them before the show?

What if I accidentally ripped some priceless couture dress and was forced to remortgage the house to buy it (you break it, you buy it)? What if the models saw me eat a bagel and I started a stampede? All legitimate concerns, you’ll agree.

So with this in mind, I’ve compiled A Newbie’s Guide To Fashion Week. In case, I ever get invited back.

1. Load up on carbs beforehand


Everyone knows the fash pack don’t eat…

2. Stake out the make-up artists’ station


You never know who you’ll meet…

3. Practise those pouting selfies


So hopefully others will think you’re somebody important and worth photographing…

4. Master the art of the creepshot


You’ll be snapping a lot of celebs’ heads from the back row…

5. Be prepared for the show to start fashionably late


The fash pack expect it. The best shows never start on time…

6. Brush up on your photobombing skills


It’s the closest you’ll get to any real celebs at the show…

And that’s fashion, sweetie daahling!

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