The Beauty Routine: Model Teo Sutra

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*Pictures courtesy of Alex Sheridan 

Model Teodora Sutra, 25, is one of Ireland’s most in-demand catwalk stars. Born in Latvia, Teo now lives and works in Dublin. Here the model reveals her daily beauty and health routine.

I usually get up (anytime from 4am to 10am depending on work), have a shower first thing to wake me up and do my beauty routine – every day is different depending on if I have any skin issues like spots or dry skin.

I have my coffee and usually make some lunch to bring with me to work like salad or roast veggies – something easy that won’t go off. I also always bring snacks with me, nuts and fruit as I tend not to be hungry first thing in the morning.

Then I go about my working day which could be a photoshoot or a fashion show or filming for TV. Everyday is different but I love my job!

After work if I’m not too tired, I’ll go to the gym or meet friends or family. I love going out for dinner so I do that probably too often. I love food!

I use Shiseido Perfect Cleansing Oil. This oil is a game-changer. It’s a no-fuss, functional product that really works to remove deep, heavy make-up and waterproof mascara in one or two swipes.

I use VOYA Ritzy Spritzy Anti-Aging Toner Spray to tone. It’s 100 per cent organic. What I love about it is that it comes in a spray bottle so after cleansing all it takes is a spritz or two and you’re done. Sometimes I use it to refresh my make-up throughout the day by just spraying once over my face – it gives it a fresh glow.

Then I use the Shiseido Ultimune Eye Serum. It’s an award-winning serum that is reputed to strengthen the skin’s immunity around the delicate eye area, protecting against signs of ageing. I laugh and smile a lot so I’ve noticed ‘crows feet’ lines around the eyes and this keeps them away.

I moisturise with Seavite Organic Seaweed Moisturising Cream. I love that Seavite is an organic Irish brand. The ingredients are natural and so my skin never reacts to it. It’s nourishing and replenishing. I’m a big fan of this brand!

Finally, I use Lancome Soleil Bronzer SPF 50 BB Cream. What I adore about this product is that it’s a very high SPF. My face never tans in the sun so I always wear sun factor 50, which keeps the ageing at bay too! I also love that it has a hint of foundation in it so on holidays I bring this product alone for my base. But as it’s quite bronze, I dilute it a little with moisturising cream at the start of my holiday.

I love This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray. If you don’t sleep well, everything suffers – you eat badly, your exercise routine goes out the window, and my skin shows blemishes. This pillow spray with chamomile, lavender and vetiver helps me get more restful sleep – the scent is so beautiful and very calming.

I always carry a Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector in my handbag and I use it religiously. This lip balm is like a BB cream for the lips. It also has a light colour so it’s like a lipstick/gloss/balm in one! I also love the fruity scent.

Finally, I love the fresh scent and detoxing properties of the Yogandha Detox Body Oil (it’s made by an Irish Yogi!) I use it all over my body first thing in the morning and the fresh, energising scent wakes me right up.

I adore the La Prairie Cellular Three Minute Peel. It works in just three minutes and leaves my skin radiant. I use it once a week.

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream! Everyone should have one. It’s great for burns, chapped lips, as a face mask, to treat cuts – too many great uses for this gem of a product. And I’d like to try Creme De La Mer because I want to see if it’s worth the crazy high price tag!

I don’t use primer every day but only when I feel I need my make-up to stay perfect for longer. I use Lancome La Base Pro Primer. It’s light, smooths any imperfections on the face and gives a fantastic base for the foundation.

I skip between three foundations depending on what result I need. Usually on days off if I’m going to meet friends and don’t want to put lots of make-up on, I use MAC Face And Body for very light coverage.

If I need perfect matte make-up, I use Armani Silk Foundation. And for a more luminous, glowing look, I use Chanel Perfection Lumiere.

My absolute favourite mascara is Shiseido Full Lash Volume Mascara! My lashes are quiet long and usually I notice my mascara transfers throughout the day onto my eye lids but this mascara doesn’t budge at all. And it washes off with warm water at the end of the day like magic.

I use the IsaDora Face Sculptor Palette as my bronzer/blusher/highlighter. It’s a trio palette which is an easy go-to product for my make-up bag.

I use Clarins Nude Lip Liners. I feel so bare if my lips aren’t filled in, even if that’s the only bit of make-up I have on. Lip liner and lip balm are my “can’t live without” products.

I guess the biggest ‘secret’ – if you can call it that – is perfecting your base using illuminating products such as No7 Illuminating Base and using a good concealer. Covering all blemishes and dark circles. Once the base looks good everything you put on top will look great.

I have two different shampoos and conditioners that I use. At least once a week I use Nioxin cleanser and conditioner. It works great on properly cleansing the scalp of hairsprays and other styling products. I use it because my hair is very fine and my hairdresser Alex from Alan Keville For Hair salon recommended it to help the condition of my hair. The rest of the time I am not using Nioxin, I use the Redken Extreme Range.

My hair goes through so much damage working as a model. Everyday I have someone styling my hair, back-combing, straightening – you name it – so I have to make sure I keep the condition as good as I can.

I pop into my salon Alan Keville For Hair on South Anne Street, Dublin as often as I can for a Kerastase or Kevin Murphy treatment. It comes with a nice head massage so I can’t resist treating myself.

When I’m at home I use a Kerastase mask before blow-drying hair. On wet hair ends, I use Redken Anti Snap Treatment. As often as I can, I use Moroccan Oil as an over-night treatment in my hair.

My favourite look for an event or a night out is a sleek ponytail. I blow dry my hair straight using the Redken Anti-Snap treatment to protect my hair. Then I brush a middle parting and slick it back into a tight pony and spray with L’Oréal Elnette Spray for hold and shine.

I do pilates myself at home. It’s amazing for my core. I do that three to four times a week. I’m going to start hot yoga soon too to improve my flexibility. I also try go to the gym twice a week.

I take Biotin supplement for my hair and nails and also Udo’s Choice Super 8. It’s a microbiotic supplement for improved digestion, strong immune function and overall health for me.

I like being active, I walk or cycle whenever I can. On weekends I love going on walks to the mountains.

I don’t drink that often so I usually have hangover-free weekends and love doing outdoorsy things. Of course I also love cinema dates that are full of pick and mix and Ben & Jerry’s!

I follow a diet of 80/20 where I’m good 80 per cent time and eat what I want 20 per cent of the time. Life is too short to be too strict on yourself.

I go on as many holidays a year as I can. I just love being happy and doing everything that I can to be happy. The world is a big and beautiful place for us little creatures to explore so that’s my 2016 resolution – explore more beauty!

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