Five Minutes With: Celebrity tanning and skincare expert Michaella Bolder

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Tanning expert to the stars Michaella Bolder has transformed hundreds of pasty celebs into the glowing gods and goddesses we all know and love.

Counting Kelly Brook, Abbey Clancy and the cast of Strictly Come Dancing as clients, Michaella tells The Beauty Inbox how she got her big break.

On getting into beauty
I went straight into a beauty college course from school at the age of 16. Later I met the wonderful Nichola Joss – celebrity skincare specialist – who mentored me for five years.

On a typical day
My schedule each day is never the same – sometimes I’m travelling, sometimes I’m working from home. My day could start at the gym (I’m getting married this year so really going for it!), then I’ll grab a takeaway coffee and get straight on the road to a meeting in London (two hours travel).

After my meeting, I might treat a wonderful A-list client at her home for a facial and tanning treatment, followed by a London TV socialite for a full body treatment. From here I might head home to meet my fiancé Rick for dinner with friends.

On celebrity beauty secrets
My fabulous friend Kelly Brook relies on Skin Rejuvenation Mesotherapy treatment, while Dame Helen Mirren would have my unique facial massage procedure.

On Strictly Come Dancing
I’ve worked on the TV series for the past four years and have been lucky enough to meet all the celebrity contestants and become friends with the pro-dancers and production team.

A typical day at the studio for me is on the Friday each week. I arrive at 10am to set up for 10.30am. Everyone has a tanning slot throughout the day, starting with the beautiful Tess Daly and Claudia Winkleman.

Each person has a 30-minute slot – however my tanning room is the place to be on a Friday so by lunchtime you will find five or six celebs and pros in the room chatting. I generally finish tanning around 10pm.

On Saturday, I arrive at 1pm to check everyone is happy and begin my skin-finishing routine. I will apply all sorts of illuminating lotions, glitters and highlighters to any skin on show to add light and contour to the body.

On strange tanning requests
I’ve had some extremely strange and crude requests throughout my journey – however those experiences will make a great book read!

On her top beauty picks
I couldn’t live without L’Oréal Micellar water – the easiest makeup remover ever! Lucas Papaw or Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour cream (both do the same job) are my kit staples for cuts, bites, dry skin, lips, sunburn and an overnight facial mask.

GlamGlow Mud Mask to tighten and exfoliate. Rodial Pink Diamond Serum as a primer. Mario Badescu for acne and oily skins. Finally, Skinceuticals for ageing.

On top tips for clear skin
Clear skin comes from within, so a clean diet and sufficient water is a good start. Get some advice from a facialist to help understand your skin needs, then stick to a routine for at least a month to decide if it’s working for you.

At home, facials are more important then visiting a salon as your regular routine is the key to great skin. A facial should be a booster and a treat for general well-being. Massaging your face is an absolute must, at night when applying your oil or night cream use deep pressure to work around your face until you get a pinky tone to your skin.

On her beauty icons
I love Olivia Palermo’s style, and the timeless Julia Roberts and Brigitte Bardot for beauty icons.

On releasing a book on her facial techniques
This is something I would like to work towards within the next few years. For now please feel free to send your skincare or product questions to me on Twitter and Instagram.

On her memorable beauty job
That must be my first ever job. I had just been introduced to the industry with an incredible Gucci campaign for Vogue UK with six amazing models now at the top of their game! This was shortly followed by a beauty campaign for L’Oréal Paris with Dame Helen Mirren.

On who she would love to makeover
I would love to get my hands on the iconic Anna Wintour, to hear her stories and experience a taste of her world!

On staying in shape
I’m not great at keeping to a gym routine but I have a friend that inspires me and makes me go! I run around a lot and try to be aware of what I am eating. I take Vitamin A and C, echinacea (from September through to March), omegas, a green tea matcha shot (half a teaspoon in the morning) and a mouthful of aloe each morning.

On her proudest achievement
My proudest achievement to date was signing the BBC Strictly Come Dancing tanning contract. My career highlight is getting to where I am today. I look back at my CV journey and think ‘oh s**t, I am so lucky!’ I honestly feel so blessed for everything I’ve achieved and I’m excited for what’s next.

On the best advice she’s ever been given
No one is better then you – find your inspiration in life and go for it! Never be jealous – sometimes you’re behind, sometimes you’re ahead.

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*Picture courtesy of Cosmopolitan Italy

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