Five Minutes With: Skincare specialist Emma Hardie

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Beauty guru to the stars Emma Hardie knows a thing or two about natural skincare. After a battle with a debilitating illness in her thirties, the facialist not only healed herself with natural products but transformed her skin. Here Emma reveals the secrets to her success.

On her earliest beauty memory
My earliest beauty memory was spending hours watching my beautiful and glamorous American grandmother as she diligently massaged wonderful creams into her skin. An hour every morning massaging her face and applying her make-up to perfection.

On getting into beauty
I used to specialise in painted effects for walls and furniture but aged 19 contracted a virus called Epstein Barr which left me unable to work full-time.

When I was 33, I had a complete collapse due to the illness. I then learnt how to help heal myself and re-sculpt my face using self-taught acupressure facial massage. I was so impressed by how the body could heal itself that I decided to help and inspire others.

I re-trained in health and beauty and went on to study the science behind tissue and cell healing from which I have developed my skin care system, ‘Amazing Face’ and my ‘Lift & Glow’ facial.

On developing her skincare range
I decided to develop my own natural skincare brand because I became fascinated by how I could stimulate the body to heal itself. I wanted to create a range that used skin-regenerating ingredients that did not over-sensitise the skin.

During my recovery period of my illness I became fascinated by how to stimulate the natural healing process of the skin and body tissues. So I then researched natural ingredients that complemented my understanding of tissue regeneration in skincare, which is what the Amazing Face range is based on today.

On a typical day
I have a very varied schedule! One day I can be found providing facials, working with VIPs and celebrities on home visits, PAs and workshops in retail outlets, or meeting with press and bloggers promoting our new launches. I also spend time researching and developing new formulations and working on new facial techniques to offer the best treatment available.

On her daily skincare must-haves
I only use our Amazing Face skincare products on my skin. My favourites I am using at the moment are; Moringa Cleansing Balm and Moringa Foaming Cleansing Wash mixed together for a brightening, thorough cleanse, followed by our super hydrating and brightening Midas Touch Facial Serum.

Lastly I apply our broad spectrum Protect and Prime SPF 30. At night I use my Age Support Treatment cream and have also been trialling our new Vitamin C Treatment range which is launching in May!

On her desert island products
Kevin Aucon Bronzing Veil, Mac Creme Sheen lipstick and Laura Mercier mascara.

On her anti-ageing tips
Always apply your skin care in lines not circles, this helps to tone and detoxify the skin. Always use a daily SPF minimum broad spectrum factor 30. And always drink plenty of water to help support organ function and healthy skin.

On skincare mistakes women make 
The most common mistake women make is not cleansing – always take off your make-up! People often do not take cleansing seriously and may use a facial wipe but this will not give you a proper deep cleanse.

It is essential to spend time on your cleanse and use a product that you can spend time massaging into the skin and pores. Massaging your skin during the cleanse helps to cleanse the skin at the lower levels, to help detoxify, tone and brighten your complexion. Always invest in a good quality cleanser.

Another mistake is choosing the wrong colour foundation for your skin, always get expert advice. Also be careful when using a fake tan on the face, always exfoliate your skin well before each application, I have seen complete disasters where the tan becomes patchy where it has clung to dry areas appearing flat and dull, always soften the tan well into the crown of your hair line to avoid the halo effect.

On her beauty icons
I love Audrey Hepburn for her simplicity; I love Bridgit Bardot when she was younger, so super sexy; and I love Helen Mirren, she carries herself beautifully.

On the worst beauty faux pas
Badly applied fake tan and make-up. I like simple, fresh, natural and minimal.

On her proudest achievement
Winning the CEW Best New Beauty Brand and seeing our range on the shelves in Marks & Spencers.

On the best advice she’s ever been given
My dad, who is a business man, once said to me: “Emma, just do it” and I did!

On advice to up-and-coming entrepreneurs
You have to work from the heart and not for financial reward. If you truly love and believe in what you are doing, everything works out. And never give up even when it gets tough, that’s all part of it, the highs and the lows.

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