Five tips on how to boost your life (featuring Clarins Boosters)

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Forget baking, contouring or strobing. The latest buzzword among beauty editors is “boosting”. Turns out we’re all looking for a little beauty boost in life whether that’s a boost in energy or a boost in our skin’s collagen levels. Here’s five ways I’ve been boosting my health and beauty routine lately.

1. Practice meditation
I’ve had an on/off love affair with meditation in recent years but after a particularly stressful few months in work, I’ve taken up daily meditation. And quelle surprise! It’s working. I’m calmer, happier and calmer… did I mention that? If you don’t know where to start, try downloading a free 20-minute guided meditation from These guys have literally saved my life in recent weeks!

2. Eat your greens
Your mammy was right when she told you to eat your greens. Packed with collagen-boosting agents, dark green vegetables such as spinach, cabbage and kale do wonders for your skin. If you can’t face a daily plate of veg, I love powdered greens in particular Synergy Natural Organic Super Greens Powder from (€23.70 for 200g) which I mix into my morning NutriBullet smoothie.

For an added boost, simply add a few key super nutrients to your smoothie. Great boosts to try include matcha powder for its antioxidants;  bee pollen for energy; or flax seeds for smoother skin. Alternatively, take a quality collagen-boosting supplement such as  Imedeen’s Derma One Supplements from (€39.99 for a month’s supply).

3. Ditch sugar
Sugar attacks your collagen. Once ingested, sugar molecules attach to collagen proteins, stiffen them and stop them from working properly. So if you want younger looking skin, limit your sugar intake. If you suffer withdrawals, try taking the amino acid L-glutamine to help beat cravings. I’ve used Higher Nature Glutamine Powder from (€28.95 for 200g) – it’s also great for healing stomach and mouth ulcers (top tip!).

4. Use a beauty skin booster
The latest trend in beauty are “boosts”. A new innovation in skincare, “boosts” are similar to ampoules and can be added to your regular moisturiser for added ‘oomph’.

I’m mad about the new beauty boosters from Clarins and having been using them mixed with my regular moisturiser for the last three or four months now. Available in Energy, Repair and Detox (€39 each), the boosters are high-concentrated serums.

Add three to five drops with your regular face cream any time your skin needs a little boost. I’ve been alternating between Energy (with ginseng) and Repair (with mimosa) for skincare that packs a punch.

5. Get a good night’s sleep
This is a no-brainer but as any parent will tell you, achieving a consistent good night’s sleep is a rarity. I typically average six hours due to my late nights at the newspaper and early mornings with my five-year-old.

To ensure a good night’s sleep, I typically switch my phone to flight mode a hour or two before bed; sip a soothing chamomile tea; stay off social media (except The Beauty Inbox, obvs) and either meditate or listen to some calming music.

My favourite bedtime accessory is a pair of sleep headphones. You look like a complete nutter in them but you’ll get a great night’s kip and that’s all that matters.

So ladies, have you any life boosting recommendations?

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