How to up your matte lip game (featuring Sleek Matte Me)

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I’ve a reoccurring nightmare in which I’m giving a work presentation, smiling and nodding at my colleagues who look strangely horrified. Looking down I suddenly realise not only am I naked but I have lipstick smeared across my teeth. The horror! Da-da-da-DAAAAAAA!

I’m kidding about the nightmare, of course. But there really is nothing worse than realising your lippy is all over your teeth after a day spent grinning like a loon at people. So thank God for unmovable mattes.

If you too live in fear of lipstick-smeared teeth, then these Sleek long-lasting mattes may be the answer to your lipstick nightmares. Seriously, these bad boys don’t budge even when I try to remove them at the end of the night.

In the gallery above, I’m wearing the pinky Velvet Slipper and the red Fired Up – two of the newer, darker shades in the already popular Matte Me range. Both are creamy upon application and intensely vibrant. My lips survived copious amounts of coffee but oily food did cause them to go patchy.

As with all mattes, your lips must be in fairly good shape beforehand – dry lips just won’t do. I like to gently exfoliate and soften mine with lip balm. One thing I wasn’t keen on was the doe-foot applicator. For some reason, the nib was too small and fiddly and didn’t give me the precise outline I’m after.

But overall I thought these were great budget mattes (€6.99) and if you can forgive the thin applicator, they’re well worth a look.

- Won’t budge
- Fast drying
- Creamy formula
- Vibrant (one coat is enough)

- Won’t budge
- Fast drying (work fast – you have been warned!)
- Too thin applicator
- Patchy in contact with oily food

Have you tried the Sleek Matte Me lipsticks?

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