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I’ve been inadvertently rocking wavy beach hair lately. Call it style or call it laziness (it’s laziness), I’ve ditched the hairdryer for the summer and have been letting my hair dry in all its (mostly natural) wavy glory.

Of course, I’ve had to cheat a little to create the waves I want and not just suffer a full head of frizz. For this, I’ve been using a few of the products from the pretty awesome Redken Beach Envy range.

With a a texture-boosting blend of filloxane, minerals and polymers (nope, me neither!), the products help create that just-out-of-the-sea look. Or in my case, that just-out-of-bed-at-ridiculous-o-clock-with-my-child look.

The Redken Beach Envy Texturizing Shampoo (€17) is gentle and leaves hair with volume (it was in Mr TBI’s gym bag for the photoshoot above). The Texturizing Conditioner (€19.30), meanwhile, leaves hair silky soft as one might hope.

However, my favourite product is the Redken Beach Envy Wave Aid (€22.50). The salt-free formula contains a blend of minerals to infuse hair with texture. I evenly spritz it into wet hair, tie up into small bunches, and let hair air dry before releasing. And voila – easy-peasy beachy waves!

How do you wear you hair in summer?

*Press sample. For more, see disclaimer. Hair photos courtesy of Pinterest

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