Can we talk about face peels?

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Remember that infamous scene in Sex And The City when Samantha gets a face peel before Carrie’s book launch? Sam’s red-raw face frightened a generation of women off having the procedure. However, the reality of a modern face peel is very different to SATC’s dramatic onscreen one.

Unlike Sam’s medical-grade, chemical peel, today’s versions use fruit, retinol or glycolic acids to gently resurface the skin with no downtime.

So in the name of science and vanity (mainly vanity) I offered myself as a human guinea pig for an anti-ageing Image Skincare Wrinkle Lift Peel at Thérapie Clinic.

Following a thorough consultation with my therapist Christina, I prepped my skin for two weeks prior to the treatment with Image products. The treatment takes about 40 minutes with the slightly tingly peel itself only left on for a few minutes. Afterwards my skin glowed for weeks and I received endless compliments – even some of the lads in work wondered what I had had ‘done’.

This would be a perfect treatment for those looking for a little boost ahead of the Christmas party season. However, it’s best to have the treatment a week or two in advance in case there is some flaking (although I had no issues).

Meanwhile, for a mini peel once a week at home, I love the Image Ageless Total Resurfacing Masque (€57). Apply a thin layer to the entire face for five to thirty minutes for radiant skin. Love!

Finally, Evelyn Boyle, Senior Skin Specialist at Thérapie Clinic, reveals her tips for great skin.

On the best night-time skin care routine
It all depends on your skin type. For normal skin I would recommend Vitamin A, glycolic with a little Vitamin C. Image have an amazing blend of retinol and glycolic in the Total Repair Cream.

The Image Vital C Repair Cream is great one to alternate it with in winter when the skin can be a little dry and sensitive. The Image Total Resurfacing Mask twice a week at night leaves the skin feeling brand new.

On minimising acne scarring
The Image Acne Lift is the best prevention. That along with a good home care routine prescribed by a good clinician should keep the skin in amazing condition.

On the best preventative measures for ageing skin
A combination of the Dermapen and the wrinkle lift from Image will keep your skin as young as is genetically possible. Obviously a good home care routine with lots of Vitamin A will compliment this; Image Retinol A Cream would be the most active and can be used three times a week at night.

On common skincare mistakes
Women don’t realise a very simple low maintenance routine can take years off you. Ormedic wash in the shower followed by an Image hydrating SPF is a very low maintenance routine. Adding the Vital C mask once or twice a week at night will make all the difference.

On how often we should exfoliate
It depends on the skin type but I would recommend incorporating an exfoliator a minimum of twice a week. The Image Ageless Cleanser or the hydrating enzyme mask are two very simple ones and get amazing results.

On maintaining balanced skin
The Image Ormedic range from Image has a brilliant organic balancing line. It works wonders on oily T-zones. The Vital C enzyme mask is another amazing one, in particular coming into winter months when the skin gets dry and sensitive.

On recommendations for healthy skin
My favourites are the total resurfacing mask followed by the hydrating enzyme mask for about five minutes. It is a mini peel at home. If you follow it with the Retinol A cream your skin should be radiant.

On dealing with adult eczema and acne
That’s a tough one. These two conditions are so different you wouldn’t really prescribe one thing for both. I would recommend starting with the Image Ormedic passion peel from Image and introducing a blend of Vitamin C and clear cell depending on which is the main concern acne/eczema.

On minimising pores
Try a Dermapen (micro-needling) treatment. This will plump out the skin, minimising the appearance of the pores. It stimulates collagen and elastin and evens the texture and complexion of the skin. It is my number one treatment combined with Vitamin A – you should see incredible results.

On the insider’s tips
Never leave what you can do now until tomorrow. The best tip, or to prevent ageing, is not to wait until lines and wrinkles are extremely deep set. Start a simple skin care routine using an active range of products and maintain healthy skin daily.

*In collaboration with Thérapie. The Image peels are available at Thérapie Clinics nationwide, with prices starting from €100. For more, visit www.TherapieClinic.com

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