The definitive guide to laser hair removal

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Hair removal. It’s not the sexiest of subjects but one us women have to deal with every single day. After 20 years of shaving, I finally decided enough is enough. Enough with the hassle, the regrowth, the in-grown hairs – I needed a permanent, pain-free treatment. And so I bit the bullet and booked in for a course of laser hair removal treatments.

Having had a bikini course 15 years ago with an earlier version of laser, I was pretty nervous. The first time around I found it very painful, expensive and time-consuming and as a result, I never went back for further treatments. Dr Evil’s sharks with frickin’ laser beams attached to their heads would have done a better job… (Dr Evil?! Anyone?)

Anyway, I digress. Thankfully, laser technology has come a long way in the past decade and this time out, I booked in with the laser specialists at Thérapie Clinic. Having treated over 400,000 people for laser, I figured these guys really know their stuff.

I also opted for a course of the new Soprano Ice laser treatments for my legs. Faster and more effective than current laser treatments on the market, Soprano Ice minimises risk of burns to the skin by using advanced cooling technology to keep the skin cool during the treatment. It also works on almost all skin types, even tanned skin. Result!

My first appointment was for a consultation and patch test. A week later I was back, shaved and ready to go. Donning our protective glasses, the therapist marked out my legs with a white pencil to create a grid and fired up the laser. I braced for the inevitable pain – but there was none. What was going on? The therapist meticulously moved the laser over each section of my legs, the cooling jet easing any potential discomfort.

In the past, my bikini session took up to an hour and hurt like hell. However, with the Therapie specialists, I had both legs lasered in under an hour and with no pain. I was amazed and rued having not started this sooner. All those wasted days of covering up my legs to hide a shaving rash or painful, in-grown hairs.

Typically, a full course of laser is six treatments with a follow-up treatment required if hair is really stubborn. As there is six weeks needed between each treatment, it’s best to start in the autumn when legs will be covered up. And by summer, you’ll have the hair-free legs of your dreams.

The Dos and Don’ts of laser hair removal
- Don’t sunbathe or fake tan for the duration of your treatments as it will interfere with the absorption of the laser.
- Do wear sunscreen on treated areas, especially if you will be out and about in the sun.
- Don’t expect this to be a once-off.  You will need six to eight treatments and will need to leave five or six weeks between treatments.
- Do start laser in autumn when you will be covered up and won’t be exposed to the sun.

Have you ever tried laser? Do you remember Dr Evil?

*In collaboration with Thérapie. Soprano Ice is exclusively available at Thérapie Clinics nationwide. Laser treatments start from €49. For more, visit

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