I face mask. Do you?

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I’m great at telling people what to do but rarely follow my own advice. Maybe it’s an Irish mammy thing. Or maybe it’s just me.

Case in point: face masks. I write column inches every week on why you should be having regular facials and applying a weekly face mask, yet rarely get around to doing so myself.

Last week, thanks to a dose of tonsillitis I found myself trapped at home with nothing to do except wear face masks (and feel sorry for myself). And you know what? Face masks work! My skin looks great and together with my tonsillitis weight-loss (a happy side effect), I’m not looking too bad for January.

So today I bring you my verdict on the new face masks and washes from L’Oreal that I’ve been slathering all over my diseased face.

L’Oreal Pure Clay Washes & Scrub, €9.20
I’m not normally a fan of face washes. There’s no particular reason, I’m just lazy I think. By the time I’ve wiped my make-up off at the end of the night, I never feel compelled to add a wash into my routine.

However, I must admit this trio from L’Oreal are really good additions. Both the Pure Clay Detox (charcoal) and Pure Clay Purity (eucalyptus) washes are soap-free and don’t leave skin with that dreaded tight feeling.

The Pure Clay Scrub (red algae) is a gentle exfoliator with natural red clay micro-beads and leaves skin feeling really soft and thoroughly clean. If I had to pick a favourite, it would be this one. All available from the end of January.

L’Oreal Pure Clay Masks, €11.49
Face masks are a pretty indulgent treat for me and as I said in the intro, it’s rare I get to pamper myself in this way. The Pure Clay masks are traditional in that they use natural clays to absorb impurities and are rich in minerals to boost radiance.

The Pure Clay Detox mask (charcoal) is my favourite as the charcoal helps absorb excess sebum, something I’m blessed with! For those looking for some radiance this gloomy January, the Pure Clay Glow mask (red algae) helps brighten and exfoliate skin. Finally, the Pure Clay Purity mask is formulated with eucalyptus for a deep pore clean.

Each jar contains 10 generous mask applications, although I reckon I could stretch mine even further. If you like face masks, then you’ll love this quality bunch from L’Oreal.

Do you face mask?

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