I tried La Mer Revitalizing Hydrating Serum (and I liked it)

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I like to think I’m fairly easy-going and easy to impress. Mr TBI, on the other hand, needs a lot more convincing. So when I showed him a bottle of the new La Mer Revitalizing Hydrating Serum, he wasn’t that impressed.

Skincare isn’t rocket science Becca, he told me. Well that, my friends, is where Mr TBI is wrong. Creme De La Mer is, in fact, rocket science as it was originally developed by a NASA aerospace physicist to help treat chemical burns.

Famed for its ‘miracle broth’ (a mix of bio-fermented sea kelp, vitamins and minerals), La Mer products have a cult following among the A-List and are generally recognised as the gold standard in skincare.

And so having finally won an argument and proved Mr TBI wrong, I’ve been smugly using the serum for the past month now.

Before we go any further, I should point out a couple of things. Firstly, the price tag (trigger warning!). This ain’t cheap. At €175 for 30ml, we are talking serious A-List pampering here. Secondly, I liked it. A lot. And that makes both Mr TBI and my bank manager very, very worried for the future.

Now that I’ve cleared that up, let’s talk serum!


Formulated with the aforementioned ‘miracle broth’, the serum is a blend of green, brown and red algae and is designed to deeply penetrate the skin.

It comes in a hygienic pump and a little goes a long way. The serum’s consistency is light, slightly pale green in colour and is absorbed rapidly. I was able to put my moisturiser and make-up on immediately and had no issues with shine (as an oily T-zone kinda gal).

I found the scent quite strong – initially a slight chemical smell that gave way to a floral scent – which surprised me. But once absorbed, I couldn’t smell it. In terms of hydration, my skin has been looking fantastic – plump and radiant even on my typical six hours sleep a night.

But here’s the kicker – my pores have reduced. Considerably. Now the serum doesn’t specifically promise to reduce pores but it has. It must be something to do with that pesky miracle broth…

La Mer The Revitalizing Hydrating Serum

So the La Mer Revitalizing Hydrating Serum has left me with something of a dilemma – how do I go back to my usual serums when I’ve tried the Holy Grail? You can see my problem, ladies!

Any suggestions? Have you tried Creme De La Mer? Should I develop a La Mer addiction or go cold turkey?

Picture courtesy of McCabe & McGinn

*Picture courtesy of Brown Thomas

Update – The La Mer 20-Minute Express Facial 
Since I last posted, I had the absolute privilege of experiencing the La Mer 20-Minute Express Facial with therapist extraordinaire Tanya Bowry at Dublin’s Brown Thomas.

I had no idea Brown Thomas even offered such exclusive services and was pleasantly surprised to find a secret beauty room concealed, Narnia-style, in among the department store’s perfume displays.

Away from the hustle and bustle of the shop floor, I nodded off for a blissful 20 minutes of La Mer pampering. Tanya used the new Brilliance Brightening Mask to target my dark pigmentation from my sun-loving days before massaging in the new Renewal Oil.

My favourite part of the treatment, however, was the application of the Eye Balm Intense. Using cooling mini ball rollers, the soothing treatment helps de-puff eyes and reduce those dreaded dark circles. Heaven!

Afterwards, I emerged from my secret haven, refreshed, glowing and ready to shop (sorry Mr TBI!). If you get a chance, it’s an experience definitely worth indulging in. For more on the La Mer treatments, visit BrownThomas.com.

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