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All you need is love, ladies — LOV cosmetics that is. The glossy German make-up brand has just launched on Irish shores and it’s superb.

The luxe sister to Essence and Catrice, LOV is a professional quality make-up range at high street prices.

Yours Truly here was lucky enough to have an LOV makeover with top international make-up artist Zoe Clark and fashion photographer Kip Carroll. Here Zoe reveals how to get the look at home with her insider tips.

A Dewy Base
Before you apply your foundation your prep is important. Apply the appropriate primer or serum on top of clean, moisturised skin depending on your skin type. LOV PERFECTitude Primer Serum (€12.95) visibly smooths the drier complexion, whereas PERFECTitude Mattifying Primer (€11.95) prepares oilier skin for long-lasting make-up so that pores are visibly refined and fine lines disappear.

To achieve a more dewy base, choose a foundation that is sheer in texture. For example, if your skin is normal to dry, I would go for LOV THEUndressed 12H Moisturizing Foundation (€11.95) which has a silky and natural finish. If your skin is naturally very oily, I’d go for the oil-free LOVtime 18H Long Lasting Foundation (€12.95).

My best advice is to get a little tester of the foundation before purchasing. But my overall tip is not to load the skin with foundation.

A Smokey Eye
Before you begin, I would recommend using a primer such as the LOV PERFECTitude Eyeshadow Primer (€8.95) to prevent the eyeshadow from creasing.

Next I would apply a soft matte shadow such as Sun Eclipse Unexpected Eyeshadow around the socket of the eye. For added intensity of colour apply the THEGlacious Stylo Eyeshadow (€11.95) which is a creamy eyeshadow to the lid.

Alternatively you could use the THE SMOKYaffair Dramatic Eye Pencil (€7.95) all over the lid. Always start on the outside of the lid and blend inwards. Then pop a bit of a darker powder shade like Black Orchid Unexpected Eyeshadow on to the outer corner of the eyelid.

To finish, define your lashes with a lengthening black mascara like LASHaffair (€11.95).

The Perfect Liner
My tip here is to again make sure your eyelid is prepped using the eyelid primer I mentioned before, or by patting a matte ivory shadow all over the lid, up to the brow and under the lower lashes, to prevent eyeliner from bleeding or running.

Chose an eyeliner that you know you will feel more comfortable using. Some prefer a brush eyeliner such as the LINEattitude Dip eyeliner (€6.95), others are more confident using a felt tip pen type liner such as the Confidentialiner Eyeliner Pen (€7.95).

Start approximately five lashes in from the outer corner of the eye (above the outer part of the iris of the eye) and gently run the liner inwards toward the tear duct, right along the roots of the upper lashes of the eye in small strokes. This way you achieve the finest line and you have the added benefit of darkening the roots of the lashes where it can sometimes be difficult for a mascara to reach.

Almost run the liner up under the lid closet to the tear duct to make this part of the eye line very thin. Then look straight into the mirror and work the line from above the outer part of the iris of the eye, outwards, almost horizontal to the floor. Then join this line to the lash line. This way you can achieve the perfect outer tick shape. Whatever you do don’t allow the line to droop down along the outer lash line, or you will make your eyes look droopy.

- as told to TBI

Rebecca Barker FINAL

In the gallery above, I’m wearing:
- LOV Mattifying Primer
- LOV Serum Foundation
- LOV Healthy Glow Blush
- LOV Eyeshadow & Contouring palette
- LOV Eyeliner Pen
- LOV Dramatic Volume Mascara

*In collaboration with LOV cosmetics. Available from Shaws Department Stores and selected pharmacies across Ireland including McCauleys, Lloyds, Adrian Dunne, CH Tralee, Cara, Health Express, Wards in Longford, Kissane’s in Tipperary and McGorisks, Athlone. For more on Zoe’s work, visit or at her studio Kazumi, Molesworth Street, Dublin 2.


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