Slow ageing with Vichy

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Contrary to popular belief, ageing doesn’t have to be inevitable. What if we could slow it down, even turn back the biological clock?

Well the good news is clever scientists at the Salk Institute in California have managed to reverse ageing in mice. In a study published in January, boffins have discovered they can successfully alter the genes in mice which ultimately could spell the end of ageing in humans. And while it’s unlikely I’ll ever benefit from the Salk Institute’s research, it definitely questions the entire premise of ageing.

Meanwhile, wellness expert and author of Goddesses Never Age, Dr Christiane Northrup believes our negative thoughts and beliefs about ageing contribute to the process.

Dr Northrup reveals: “Age is just a number, and agelessness means not buying into the idea that a number determines everything from your state of health to your attractiveness to your value.”

Top beauty brand Vichy also believes we can slow the ageing process. Inspired by the slow living movement, its new cream Slow Age (€29.90, pharmacies nationwide) promises to slow down skin ageing.

Formulated with bifidus (derived from probiotics), antioxidant roots of baicaline, and Vichy thermal spring water, it has a natural SPF of 25 and offers daily protection for skin. Vichy’s Education and Training Manager, Janette Ryan explains how.

“Your skin is silently ageing due to internal and external aggressors, such as sun exposure, pollution, diet and stress. These factors are collectively known as the ‘exposome’. Today we know that 80 per cent of skin ageing is cause by external factors, therefore we need to address these and provide the skin with a product to strengthen and protect it day after day.

“With Slow Age, rather than focusing our attention on anti-ageing we focused our attention on ‘life proofing’ your skin.”

Slow ageing with Vichy

So does Vichy Slow Age work? I’ve been using it every day in place of my regular moisturiser for four months now. The fluid is light, smells delicious (as you’d expect from Vichy) and absorbs rapidly. In that time, I’ve had clear, soft skin with no breakouts.

The bottle itself is beautiful, weighted and feels super luxurious. Overall, I like the idea of ‘slow ageing’ rather than ‘anti-ageing’ and hope there will be further products in this line (hint hint Vichy!).  I would definitely re-purchase this as my daily cream.

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