Are hair masks something I need to be doing?

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My name is Becca and I never do a hair mask. There I said it. And yet as someone with coloured hair and dry split ends, I’m in desperate need of a bit of hair TLC.

But here’s the thing. Life is really, really short and loitering around the bathroom with a mask on your barnet for five minutes is something I just can’t seem to fit in.

So in a bid to rectify the lack of hair masks in my life, I’ve been trying not one but three hair masks from my fave brand Redken over the last few weeks. The Redken Mega Masks (€31) include Extreme (distressed hair), All Soft (dry hair) and Color Extend Magnetics (coloured hair).

Before we go any further, I should point out that I cannot tell the difference between the masks other than the fact they smell differently. However, as a relative hair mask noob this could just be me. What I will say is they work. Want silky, smooth hair? Done. Redken, you nailed it.

Redken Mega Masks

- Five minutes to relax while the the hair mask does its magic
- Repairs split ends
- Silky hair that handsome men will want to touch

- Five minutes to ‘relax’ while the hair mask does its magic
- Repairs splits end, so none to pick while bored in work
- Silky hair that strange men will want to touch

So ladies, are you a hair masker? Will you be trying some Redken in your life?

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