Happiness is … #2

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Happiness is … Sundays spent with these two messers. As I work most weekends (and days/nights!), a Sunday with Mr TBI and Eve is a rare treat.

I’d thought I’d share a few snaps from our private photo album today. I don’t usually write personal posts but sometimes even I get fed up of looking at endless make-up photos (*cue beauty blogger gasp*).


Our perfect Sunday is a Sunday spent with just the three of us. We usually get up early (Disclaimer: you don’t have a choice with a five-year-old), go out for brunch, read the Sunday papers, take a walk on the beach and then spend the rest of the day cooking dinner. Okay, okay! Mr TBI cooks the dinner and I lie on the couch, but you get the picture.

Then it’s bath and bedtime for Eve and movies and wine o’ clock for myself and Mr TBI. Perfect!

What’s your perfect Sunday?

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