At Home: The Living Room Continued…

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Some blog posts take a couple of days to put together, this one has taken a year and half. After a considerable gap since our first living room post, we finally have something to show you. We’re making progress (s.l.o.w.l.y) but we still have a lot of finishing touches to add to make it feel home. But hey-ho! Here’s what we’ve done so far.


Our first task were the alcoves beside the fireplace. We’ve always dreamed of floor-to-ceiling-style bookcases and master carpenter Damian Dowd designed and hand-crafted the exact shelves we had in mind.


As we’re obsessed with mid-century furniture, we chose these sleek two- and three-seater couches from Meadows and Byrne in kid-friendly navy. After raising our five-year-old on a cream couch, we have learned one or two valuable lessons along the way (who knew egg stains were the hardest to remove?!)

Behind the couch, is our second-hand teak sideboard which we picked up on bargain website Done Deal. We’ve also started our gallery wall with IKEA frames but as you can see we’ve yet to buy a single piece of art!


The grey rug is also IKEA and the lamp and marble side-table are Meadows and Byrne.


My favorite piece in the whole room is our starburst mirror – mainly because I love how tiny I look in it (no dieting required). I think I picked it up in Laura Ashley eight or nine years ago.



I adore the polished copper hexagonal door knobs which are from Pushka Home – it wouldn’t be a blogger’s home without a bit of polished copper now, would it? And then there’s the obligatory blogger’s marble tray, see below.



Our mid-century coffee table is also from Meadows and Byrne (we’re nothing if not consistent).


Finally, we added some much-needed greenery and bought ourselves our first house plant to brighten up the hallway outside the living room. Now I just need to keep it alive. And look – some art on the wall!

So there you have it, folks. Lots done, lots more to do :-)

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