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Little known fact – parents are awake 99% of the time. Fact! Okay, okay, although that couldn’t possibly be true, it certainly feels like you are awake all the time.

This is why I’m obsessed with bed. From the minute my alarm (read: child) goes off in the morning, I’m dreaming about crawling back under the covers later that night.

My bedtime beauty is usually a hurried affair as I’m pretty desperate these days to get some shut-eye. But today’s post shows what’s typically knocking around my (super cleaned-up) bedside table.

Face creams/oils/serums
No matter how tired I am, I’ll always apply some combination of the three last thing at night. At the moment, I’m loving the new and improved Image Skincare Ageless Total Overnight Retinol Masque. I’ve been using a version of it for the best part of a year now and I can report it’s powerful stuff. Expect super soft skin.

I’m also a long-time fan of Decleor Neroli Face Oil. It smells heavenly, is all natural and is super hydrating.

Eye cream
This is a must! When you’re as tired as I am, a tube of eye cream is always close to hand. My current fave is this lovely one from Clarins which I reviewed here.


A good read

Little known crazy lady fact – I’m obsessed with books on past life regression therapy. Seriously. I’ve read every book by Dr Brian Weiss, an American psychotherapist, who uses hypnosis and past life therapy with his patients to heal them of current phobias and fears. Whether it’s true or not, I like to imagine I was an Egyptian pharaoh in a previous life…

Hand cream
I’m a compulsive hand cream applier. This new grapefruit one from Clarins is currently feeding my compulsion nicely.

A cup of tea

I’m Irish so naturally I start and finish every day with a cup of tea – it’s like a warm hug at the end of my frantic day.

So ladies, what’s on your bedside table?

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