An ode to Drops of Youth

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What if I could tell you there’s an elixir for youth? You’d think I was telling you fairy tales, wouldn’t you? Well, The Body Shop has claimed it has discovered the anti-ageing fountain of youth with its latest additions to its popular Drops of Youth range.

To be honest, The Body Shop could tell me anything and I’d be on-board as I’m a massive fan. I’ve been trying out Youth Liquid Peel (a gel-to-peel) and the Youth Fresh Emulsion Anti-Pollution SPF20 (a serum) for just over a month.

Now I could bore you all senseless with an in-depth analysis of the list of ingredients and my pore size and skin texture after one month’s use (all positive). And then encourage you to go buy them (please do).

But instead, I thought I’d express my review here through the lost art of the Limerick poem. Enjoy!

The Body Shop Drops of Youth

There was a new product called youth drops
That promised to perk up those skin flops
On my face I did rub
The whole precious tub
By morning, my beauty would make men’s eyes pop(s)*

*I’ll stick to the day job :-) PR sample

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