How to rock an alice band

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Alice bands are having a moment. As seen on the catwalks for Valentino’s spring/summer 2014 collection, embellished headwear is where it’s at.

TBI loves an alice band – a casual everyday tiara, if you will, for my inner princess. Many’s a bad hair day has been salvaged with a liberal dose of dry shampoo, some enthusiastic backcombing and a cute headband.

And contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to be a teen Gossip Girl Blair Waldorf-type to pull off the look. The stunning Emma Watson, 23, and Gravity-defying (sorry!) Sandra Bullock, 49, often grace the red carpet with an upstyled headband.

My favourite alice bands at the moment are to be found at ASOS. I’ve been known to purchase one (or three) at a time when ordering clothes from the site. Urban Outfitters and Oasis also do adorable headwear from time to time.

Here are three of TBI’s fave ways to wear an alice band.

The Centre Parter
As the name suggests, split your hair down along its centre parting and add a band for that primary school look. Cute.

The Sweep Back
I’m not talking about wearing your headband Jane Fonda workout-style here. Put a bit of effort into your sweep back, with a little backcombing at the crown and maybe even a cascading curl or two at the back if your hair is long.

The Statement Band
I’m thinking bejewelled and embellished here. It’s all about the statement alice band, often worn to the side. Wear hair in loose waves and let the band do the talking.

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