Summer polish colour pops

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While you can’t rely on the Irish summer, you can rely on cheap-as-chips make-up brand Catrice to deliver a little bit of sunshine into your life. This week I was definitely in need of a quick pick-me-up so I grabbed a couple of budget polishes on the way to the checkouts in Penneys.

First up is the divine Meet Me At Coral Island, a luscious coral polish that screams warm summer evenings. The wide brush gives generous coverage in just one stroke and delivers a long-lasting, high-shine finish. I loved this colour – it looks great with a tan, and was long-lasting enough to withstand the day-to-day madness of my toddler.

Next up is Pinky And The Brain – a gorgeous bright pop of pink which is perfect for long summer days (if only we had a few of those). I adored this shade but then I’m crazy about pink polishes and have to own every hue of polish out there.

Catrice Ultimate Nail polishes come in 46 colours and are free from formaldehyde and other nasties. And at €2.99, they’re a steal!

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