Three Things: Decleor favourites

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Beauty bloggers are a fickle bunch. No sooner have we declared our undying love for a product, we’re flitting off with the next shiny lotion or potion that comes our way. I love a new beauty launch as much as the next girl but I’ll always have a soft spot for French skin care.

As regular readers of the blog will know, I’m slightly nutty about La Roche-Posay, Nuxe and Decleor. When my skin is dull, dehydrated and in need of some serious TLC, I’ll always go French.

So while I didn’t get roses on Valentine’s Day, I did get the next best thing – Decleor’s Hydra Floral range. Mr TBI was under strict instructions this year to get me something I actually want and he came up with this awesome trio. I’ve used all three of these products on and off for over a decade (when I can afford them!) and they always deliver beautiful skin.

Aromessence Neroli Oil Serum
As someone with an oily T-zone, I shied away from oils for a long time fearing they would exacerbate the problem. Instead I opted for oil-stripping cleansers and toners during my early twenties and, unsurprisingly, my skin was in rag order.

My first foray into oils was through Dr Haushka – a brand I still love today – and it helped clear up my acne-prone skin. These days, I adore Decleor’s Aromessence Neroli Oil. Blended with neroli, sandalwood, sage and the brightening parsley seed, this stuff is liquid gold and my skin literally drinks it up. I use this both in the morning and at night as a serum before applying moisturiser. The oil smells utterly heavenly and is free from all nasties (preservatives, mineral oils and colourants). It’s very pricey though (€60) and I can barely make a bottle last a month. But my skin always looks glowing after using it and in my opinion, it’s worth every cent.

Aromessence Neroli Night Balm
When my winter-ravaged skin is in need of a serious rehydration boost, I whip out the big guns – namely this little pot. I’ve written about my love of this balm here before but for TBI newbies, let me give you a quick recap. The balm is blended with essential oils of purifying basil, neroli, soothing camomile and tonka bean extract to help boost circulation. A little goes a very long way here and the balm’s calming scent will help send you off to the land of nod. By morning, my skin is unbelievably soft and rehydrated. Me lovey.

Hydra Floral Multi-Protection Light Cream
The Hydra Floral moisturiser is a wonderful light cream for morning use. Also blended with neroli essential oil, it smells divine. Those wily Decleor boffins claim the Hydra Floral range ‘uses innovative ingredients that mimic a plant’s remarkable hydration process’. I’ve no idea what any of that means but the cream certainly adds radiance to dull, tired skin when used over a number of weeks. I find it sits well under make-up, doesn’t cause me to break out and improves the overall appearance of my skin. It’s always a sad day in the month when I squeeze the last drop of this luscious cream out.

Have you tried the Decleor Hydra Floral range?

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