The Environ skincare regimen

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Warning! This post contains graphic images of a sun-damaged Becca. That’s right folks - I braved an Environ facial scan back in July to assess how good a beauty blogger I’ve been with my suncare. And the verdict is in – I’m a very naughty blogger indeed.

As you can see from my scan, the underlying damage I inflicted on myself in my youth is undeniable. To say I was pretty shocked by the images is an understatement.

But there is hope apparently, providing I’m willing to stay out of the sun, wear a high SPF and use a range that promotes the repair of the skin.

Enter Environ, the South African-based cosmeceutical range that is adored by stars such as Kate Winslet, Hilary Swank, and Elle MacPherson. Developed by celebrity plastic surgeon, Environ’s anti-ageing ranges are based on high concentrations of Vitamin A. And so my sun-damage limitation journey began. Here’s how I’ve been getting on.

Environ Pre-Cleansing Oil and Cream Cleanser
Pre-cleansing isn’t exactly a new concept – I’ll often pre-cleanse with micellar water if I’m wearing a lot of make-up (most days, so).

However, I’ve never used an oil pre-cleanser. The plant-derived Environ cleanser acts as a sebum solvent (read: it helps unclog those pesky pores). I loved this gentle, silky pre-cleanser and found most days, it was all I needed to really clean my skin.

Meanwhile, the Environ cream cleanser is typical of any good quality cleanser and removed make-up and dirt effectively. I wouldn’t necessarily say this particular cleanser is crucial to the Environ regimen. In my opinion, any good quality one would suffice here.

Environ AVST moisturiser
The AVST moisturisers are key to the Environ system. Numbered from one to five, the moisturisers are formulated with increasing concentrations of vitamin A, C and antioxidants. I’m still on AVST 1 but I’ve met women on AVST 5 – and they’ve got the smooth skin to prove how effective it is.

I should point out, however, the moisturiser has a short shelf life once opened due to its active ingredients, and the Environ experts recommended I finish a bottle within eight to ten weeks (I’ve been hoarding mine for months!). At €50 a bottle, it’s a very spendy habit but I can’t deny how good my skin has looked after using it for a while.

Environ Hydrating Oil Capsules
If you’re looking for baby soft skin by morning (who isn’t, eh?), the Environ capsules are formulated as a night-time treatment to help energise and hydrate skin.

A blend of anti-ageing Vitamin A and collagen-boosting Vitamin C, I thought these little babies were excellent. Even Mr TBI commented on my glowing skin. Result!

Environ Intensive Revival Masque
Finally, the star of Environ show is the Intensive Revival Masque. I love this mask and have waxed lyrical over its awesomeness here.

Dubbed the ‘face lift in a bottle’, the mask combines asiatic, mandelic and lactic acid for an intensive home treatment. It’s recommended as an autumn/winter treatment as it’s so intensive and you must wear a broad spectrum sun screen in the days that follow.

The mask tingles upon application but this subsides almost immediately. It can also be worn as an overnight treatment for soft, plump skin. I absolute love it and can see myself repurchasing this again and again.

The Environ range is available from good salons nationwide, with treatments available from GlamBeautySalon.ie.

Have you tried anything from Environ? Would you brave a face scan?

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