My make-up storage (featuring HerClutterBox)

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Like most beauty obsessives my make-up collection is out of control. Think Donald Trump on a rant about Mexicans and women – it’s that out of control!

With boxes, bags and drawers crammed full of stuff, I routinely open cupboards and am hit by an avalanche of products. And as I still don’t have a dressing table (hint, hint Mr TBI), I’ve had to take drastic make-up organisational action. Enter HerClutterBox storage solutions – the answer to my make-up prayers.

For those of you new to the brand, HerClutterBox is an Irish-owned company that specialises in high-end acrylic organisers. As they are handmade from high-grade durable acrylic, they’re pricier than similar boxes on the market. But as you can see from the gallery, the boxes are beautiful, sturdy and designed to last a make-up lifetime.

I was sent the four-drawer box to try out and had so much fun filling it with my favourite products (I really need to get out more). If you like what you see – and let’s face it, what’s not to like – HerClutterBox are having a summer sale with €30 off the four-drawer Clutterbox, reduced from €145 to €115 until June 30th. So what are you waiting for ladies??

Where do you keep your make-up? Do you have any storage?

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